Heating Systems and Boilers Asbestos Removal

Heating Systems and Boilers Asbestos Removal by Bristol Based A4 Asbestos Asbestos was commonly used in boilers until it was banned from use in boiler manufacture in 1984. Several pre-1984 boiler models have lasted long enough for examples still to be in use today. The problem with these boilers is friable asbestos seals (on combustion […]

Asbestos Guttering Removal

Asbestos Guttering Removal – Case Study Do you have grey coloured, concrete looking, guttering and down pipes? The chances are these are actually asbestos guttering and down pipes. It was very common, in the 1950’s to 1990’s, to use asbestos for guttering as it was a cheap and readily available material. The late 1990’s and […]

Buying or Renovating a House with Asbestos

BUYING OR RENOVATING A HOUSE WITH ASBESTOS Buying and selling a house can be a stressful experience at the best of times. Renovating a house you have bought can be similarly stressful. Add in the presence, or suspected presence of asbestos and the whole process definitely becomes stressful – unless you call in the asbestos […]

Agricultural Building Asbestos Removal

Agricultural Building Asbestos Removal by A4 Asbestos of Bristol and Wiltshire Considering the widespread use of asbestos up until the late 1980’s, it’s very likely that most agricultural buildings are going to contain some white asbestos. White asbestos can be very easily removed, but as with any asbestos, any disturbed sitesshould to be reported to […]

Asbestos Testing for Pubs

Asbestos Testing in Public Houses by A4 Asbestos Although every commercial premises must have an annual inspection and certificate regarding asbestos there seems to be a current trend with conducting testing for asbestos in pubs. It may be that a Landlord or pub chain has recently fallen foul of not having such documentation, and word […]

How To Spot Asbestos In Your Home

How Do I Spot Asbestos In My Home? – A4 Asbestos Answers Asbestos first became a popular building material in the1950’s, it has been used underneath kitchen sinks, behind tiles, in garage roof tiles, as a form of insulation surrounding pipes and boilers and can even be found in older paint. It has been used […]

What is Asbestos?

What is asbestos? Important Questions Answered By Asbestos Removal Company A4 Asbestos Asbestos can be a scary word to throw around & discuss as it has heavy connotations with illness and even death. It can be scary thinking about how you can be affected by asbestos, but the truth is it isn’t a major concern […]

Disposing Of Asbestos – What’s The Safest Way?

Disposing Of Asbestos – What’s The Safest Way? Asbestos can be a daunting word when you first hear it, as most people know of asbestos as the scary material that can cause life-threatening illnesses. This infamous reputation is what makes it scary when homeowners discover asbestos in their property. Due to the widespread use of […]

Case study – garage removal Bristol

Asbestos shed roof removal

Photos attached for today’s job, the removal of a steel framed single garage with asbestos cement roof and walls. We removed the entire garage, including the timber doors, to concrete slab level.