Reducing the Risk of Asbestos for Commercial & Domestic Projects

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  At A4 Asbestos, your health and safety is our top priority, which is why we are creating this guide to enhance your knowledge and skills in keeping yourself safe during the demolition and removal of asbestos. If you are experiencing the risk of asbestos developing on or near your commercial or domestic projects, our […]

Finding Asbestos During a Demolition / Renovation Project

Legal Requirements Relating to Asbestos & Demolition   Due to the danger that asbestos can carry, there is no doubt that there is a legal requirement to remove most asbestos-risk materials from buildings before demolition. Checking over a building for asbestos is essential as the risks associated when being in contact with asbestos can be […]

The Risks Still Associated With Asbestos

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We understand that Asbestos is a dangerous substance, which is why A4 Asbestos is here to help and keep you protected at all times. All over the UK, a case of asbestos is discovered daily, with an average of 3000 deaths per year being associated with Asbestos exposure, which is why we are aiming to […]

The Process Of Asbestos Removal

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The Process Of Asbestos Removal Asbestos removal can be highly risky and is always recommended to be left to professionals, as asbestos is highly hazardous and presents major risks to human health and the environment when fibres become damaged and released into the air. Exposure to damaged asbestos can cause life-threatening illnesses such as lung […]

Uncovering the Dangers: ATaC and NORAC Report on Asbestos in Public Buildings

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Asbestos is a hazardous material that has been used in buildings for centuries. The presence of asbestos in public buildings presents a serious health risk to employees, visitors and other occupants. In response to these dangers, the Asbestos Testing and Consultancy (ATaC) and the National Occupational Risk Assessment Council (NORAC) released a report detailing the […]

Does Your Heating System Contain Asbestos?

Buying or living in an older home doesn’t usually cause much concern apart from giving it a lick of paint as well as styling the interior to your liking. Older homes don’t tend to give you too much trouble since, like most homes, your surroundings are what you make of it.   This being said, […]

Cement Roof Removal

Cement Roof Removal A4 Asbestos was commissioned to remove an artex ceiling in a bedroom that was known to contain asbestos. The property is located in Yate, South Gloucestershire. We created a plastic sheeting enclosure to ensure that all dust was contained; then removed the artex and plasterboard backing leaving the joists exposed. The entire […]

Asbestos Removal Cost Bristol

ASBESTOS REMOVAL COST BRISTOL Asbestos is a common material that was used throughout the 1930’s in a lot of different sectors. Used as a popular construction material for, asbestos is most commonplace in roof tiles, old water pipes & insulation. Asbestos was even used in most paints as Artex ceilings will contain high amounts of […]

Asbestos Garage Removal Cost

ASBESTOS GARAGE REMOVAL COST   Asbestos is a material that was heavily used throughout the 1930’s as a popular material for construction & insulation. Oversight from authoritative boards meant this hazardous material was not identified as such when it was being used. Many studies now prove that the fibres from asbestos can cause many respiratory […]

Artex Ceiling Bristol

What is Artex and does my house contain it? Artex refers to the trademarked name for a common range of coating, found in many buildings throughout the UK. Many homes in Britain used Artex as a surface coating for the interior of their ceilings and was often used on walls too. The material allowed for […]