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Finding Asbestos During a Demolition / Renovation Project

Legal Requirements Relating to Asbestos & Demolition


Due to the danger that asbestos can carry, there is no doubt that there is a legal requirement to remove most asbestos-risk materials from buildings before demolition. Checking over a building for asbestos is essential as the risks associated when being in contact with asbestos can be life-threatening and not worth the danger.


You must ensure that you have all information on the existing (or not) Asbestos Containing Materials before the demolition of a building takes place. To include this information, it will require an asbestos survey, where the client also must ensure that the surveyor is given full access to all areas.


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Legal Requirements Relating to Asbestos & Renovation


When it comes to renovating a building, it is possible that you may encounter some ACM (Asbestos asbestos-containing materials) that can put you in danger if the material was to be triggered. A renovation in a building that was created before 2004 requires a survey to ensure that nobody will be harmed through exposure to asbestos. The survey must state the location of any ACM before any structural work begins on the premises.


The Risks of Asbestos During Demolition & Renovation Projects


During the demolition and renovation process, it is important that you understand the danger that asbestos creates when it is disturbed.


If any of the active fibres are breathed in for long periods of time, this can permanently damage the lining of an individual’s throat, lungs and other organs of the body. The issue with asbestos is that is can take up to several years (in some cases even longer) to show any signs of symptoms which would make it way too late to seek any successful medical help. This is why it is vital that all older buildings get tested before entering them, due to the toxic exposure. 


Some risks that asbestos exposure can cause are:

  • Pleural Disease
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma

The Management of Asbestos During a Project

For most commercial and domestic sites, there is always a potential risk of disturbing asbestos within the building. When it comes to managing a project, there are specific actions that need to be taken when the work is carried out on the premises which could potentially disturb the asbestos materials, involving renovation, demolition, and upgrading. Any work that disturbs the fabric of the premises is dangerous and no individuals should be present at that time in the building. 


When carrying out construction work, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 require you to fill out a survey including all information about the location of the asbestos is and identifying where any hidden asbestos materials could be. A survey must be completed before any construction work can take place.


Duty of Care Relating to Asbestos Management


The duty to manage asbestos applies to those (such as the owner of the building) who have control over the maintenance and renovation of non-domestic premises. This involves the responsibility to manage the possibility of asbestos materials by figuring out when it is present and making certain that appropriate procedures are put in place to prevent exposure, if managed improperly, this can be dangerous and harmful.


Using Our Team to Safely Carry out an Asbestos Survey


A4 Asbestos are a highly trained company that is able to carry out an asbestos survey for you. It is very important to ensure that the work being carried out is given the green light to proceed when having the study filled out with all information regarding the asbestos material in the building. The assessment survey should only be carried out by an asbestos surveyor with the required qualifications that it takes to have the responsibility of this test. To get in contact with a member of our team, contact us today!


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