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At A4 Asbestos, your health and safety is our top priority, which is why we are creating this guide to enhance your knowledge and skills in keeping yourself safe during the demolition and removal of asbestos. If you are experiencing the risk of asbestos developing on or near your commercial or domestic projects, our expert team can support individuals living within the South West to sample, test and remove this material quickly and efficiently. Millions of homes within the UK contain asbestos-containing fibres, some being disturbed, which can lead to many lung-related diseases through prolonged exposure, so it is important that you identify any concerns of asbestos within your home to find a solution as soon as possible.


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What is asbestos?


Asbestos is a group of natural minerals containing, long, thin fibres. This group of fibres contain characteristics of being heat-resistant, durable and insulating properties, which is why this material was widely used in the construction industry to help insulate UK homes for decades. Due to the fibres that asbestos carries, it is now portrayed as a harmful material that once disturbed, can cause many lung-related illnesses, which is why it is essential that you talk to an expert to help identify asbestos, sample, test and remove it.


Common places that asbestos is found in buildings


Asbestos was extensively used in construction due to its fire-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable properties. Due to these characteristics, 3 common places that asbestos is found in the building are:




Mainly located in the loft, insulation was used for roofing and walls to ensure that homes were conducting warmth during cold weather and keeping this warmth captured in, It was later discovered that these fibres were incorporated into insulation that obtained negative impacts on human health.


Electrical Components:


Asbestos was often used as a fireproofing material for electrical panels, to reduce the risks of fires within domestic and commercial buildings.




Most older appliances such as ovens or stoves would use asbestos-containing materials to build up insulation and ensure that the appliance was at a reduced risk of a fire.


Asbestos removal

Asbestos remover climbing ladder

If you are encountering identifications of asbestos, you should get in touch with A4 Asbestos to help fix this issue for you. Asbestos removal involves a highly regulated and specialised process that can be very complex depending on the size, danger and location of where the procedure needs to be carried out. The reasoning behind the complexity and varied regulations is due to the negative health risks that can be posed to humans, which is why it is so important to leave the removal to professionals. 


It is been found to be very difficult to identify asbestos, so if you suspect that there is any in the building that you are in, do not create direct contact with it, and instead call A4 Asbestos, where we will be able to talk you through the next steps in our procedure. As specialists, we are specifically trained to undergo many steps and phases in the removal of asbestos, wearing the correct PPE and following rules and regulations, ensuring that we can ensure that all steps will be carried out effectively and correctly.


Precautions that should be taken before demolishing a building


Before demolishing a building that has the risk of containing asbestos, it is essential to take caution and follow strict regulations to ensure safe output. The first and most important step involves an asbestos survey, where you identify the location of present asbestos in the building, they will then sample and test the fibres to confirm that it is a risk. Based on the survey results, a logical asbestos removal plan will be developed, involving the identification, removal and disposal procedures of asbestos during the demolition. Hiring A4 Asbestos to undertake your asbestos challenges will be a great solution to active asbestos removal while complying with regulations and guidelines.


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