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Asbestos Guttering Removal

Asbestos Guttering Removal – Case Study

Do you have grey coloured, concrete looking, guttering and down pipes? The chances are these are actually asbestos guttering and down pipes. It was very common, in the 1950’s to 1990’s, to use asbestos for guttering as it was a cheap and readily available material. The late 1990’s and beyond saw the use of plastic and uPVC guttering and then later, due to the potential life threatening effects, asbestos was banned. If you have asbestos guttering and / or down pipes you may wish to consider having them removed. A4 Asbestos are specialists in removing asbestos from roofs, garages, agricultural buildings and, of course, guttering. For a survey or removal of asbestos guttering in Bristol, Swindon, surrounding towns and villages please call Head Office on 0117 259 1425.

Is Asbestos Guttering Dangerous?

Asbestos guttering and pipes, like most asbestos, is not dangerous if it is left undisturbed and is not damaged. It has probably been there for nearly 60 years without any trouble. Most people ask us to remove the guttering for their peace of mind. If however, the guttering or down pipes are damaged or show signs of leaking, then it is highly advisable to consider replacing the asbestos material.

Asbestos Guttering Removal  – Case Study Bristol

Asbestos Guttering Removal

Mr and Mrs J, in Bristol, had been aware for some time that the guttering and downpipes on their home were asbestos.  They had wanted to replace the offending material, but the guttering was shared with a neighbour, who was less concerned about the potential safety issues, and was not willing to contribute to it being replaced. Matters came to a positive result when next door considered selling their property. The Estate Agents noticed that a number of the joints were damaged, and warned that the Surveyor would probably note this in any report for potential buyers. Possibly having a negative effect on the asking price or the likelihood of a quick sale.

A4 Asbestos were called to survey the site, and with a realistic and competitive quote, were asked to carry out the removal of the asbestos.

Removing asbestos guttering can be quite a tricky task. It is work at height, awkward to get to without placing ladders on the actual asbestos itself. Removing the asbestos from the house is fairly easy, but precautions have to be in place to ensure that the guttering or piping is not dropped – resulting in smashed asbestos and potentially harmful material being released in to the air. All that taken in to account, the “job” took less than one day, and new, modern and attractive uPVC guttering was soon in its place.

If you have asbestos guttering that you would like removed, do not hesitate to contact A4 Asbestos. We offer asbestos removal services in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Gloucester, throughout Wiltshire and all surrounding areas. For more information call ‘Head Office’ on 0117 259 1425


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