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What’s Included in an Asbestos Survey?

Asbestos surveys are an effective way of identifying where asbestos is, which can be used to create a plan for removal. Asbestos is an extremely toxic substance, causing thousands of deaths every year. 

Within this blog post, you’ll learn what asbestos is, what an asbestos survey is, what happens within a survey and different circumstances on when a survey is required. 

What is an Asbestos Survey?

Firstly, what is asbestos? Asbestos is a mineral that occurs in soil and rock, which was used throughout the 1930s till around 1980 in different buildings and structures. Inhaling asbestos fibres that have deteriorated or become airborne can lead to asbestos-related cancers decades later. Thousands of people die per year from asbestos-related illnesses, which is why asbestos removal is so important. 

An asbestos survey is when a team of trained professionals find and identify asbestos to then remove it correctly. The asbestos survey will help figure out all areas within a building or structure on where the asbestos is as well as what type of asbestos it is. 

What’s Happens in Asbestos Surveys? 

The main objective of the survey is to identify asbestos-containing materials for them to be removed. The initial steps would include any preparation to find out any important and relevant information such as the age of the building, building materials or any asbestos materials removal that has been done previously.

Once all relevant information has been gathered, a site inspection is then carried out by a team of trained professionals. The surveyor will be able to identify all possible locations of the asbestos such as in the walls, ceiling, floors, pipes or any other location within the building. 

Alongside a visual inspection, a sample of potential asbestos-contaminated areas will be taken and tested using specialised techniques and tools to do so. This will all be done with the professionals wearing the correct PPE and qualified training on how to carry this task out. 

A risk assessment is then carried out to see the condition of the asbestos and whether it’s deteriorated or if it’s airborne, which is when asbestos is dangerous. 

When Do You Need an Asbestos Management Survey?

An asbestos management survey is typically required on different occasions to ensure laws and regulations are met, but most importantly individuals are kept safe from asbestos exposure. 

Let’s take a deeper look into some instances where you may require a management survey report.

Before any Demolition & Construction Work 

Before any demolition or construction work, a demolition asbestos survey report is a legal requirement. This is because if buildings and walls are demolished that contain asbestos, the asbestos will be disturbed and become airborne. When it’s airborne this is when the asbestos fibres can be inhaled, causing damage to the lungs. 

With Property Transactions  

Any building that was built before the 1980s will likely have asbestos. If you discover asbestos, you have to disclose it’s there, and it’s highly recommended to remove it, making it more appealing to buyers when selling your house. 

Property Owners Regular Inspections 

Property owners with portfolios may provide regular asbestos inspections across the property that they own as a part of their maintenance and risk management practices. 

Asbestos Survey and Removal Company in Bristol

If you are concerned about any asbestos-containing material being within your property, we can provide an asbestos survey in Bristol. Contact our team at 0117 453 2601 to speak with one of our team. 

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