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Asbestos Testing for Pubs

Asbestos Testing in Public Houses by A4 Asbestos

Although every commercial premises must have an annual inspection and certificate regarding asbestos there seems to be a current trend with conducting testing for asbestos in pubs.

It may be that a Landlord or pub chain has recently fallen foul of not having such documentation, and word has spread, however, A4 Asbestos has received numerous requests to carry out inspections in pubs for asbestos.

Are you a Publican, pub chain landlord or agency? A4 Asbestos are specialists in asbestos management in public houses. We have national coverage and can provide a reliable, professional, efficient and consistent approach. Call our head office today on 0117 259 1425

As most business owners, but unfortunately not all, are aware the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) puts the responsibility for any worker or Tradesperson on site on the owner of the commercial premises. In simple terms, and specifically relating to asbestos, this means that if an Electrician, Builder, Handyman or any other person is working on site they should be made fully aware of any asbestos in the building before they commence work. Otherwise, if reported, the business owner at best will get a hefty fine, and at worst could be given a prison sentence.

Asbestos testing in public houses

Is my premises likely to have asbestos?

If your commercial premises were built prior to the year 2000 the simple answer is “yes”. Asbestos was a very commonly used building material as it was cheap to buy and flexible in its use. Asbestos was regularly used in building work up until the end of the 1990’s.

Why are pubs, guest houses and restaurants more in need of asbestos testing?

One of the most common uses of asbestos is lagging or insulation for pipes. Also, for floors and ceilings. Any premises that utilises a cellar, such as a pub or restaurant to store beer barrels, are likely to have asbestos around the piping but also in the floor or ceiling where insulation and low-costs were a more important factor than appearance. With heavy and cumbersome barrels being moved around a cellar on a regular basis, it is also a work area where it is important to identify and communicate the presence of asbestos.

Is asbestos testing in a Public House expensive?

Testing for asbestos in a public house is a larger task than say a domestic residence, as the vast majority of pubs have a cellar, ground floor, first floor and loft space. However, as we have considerable experience in testing in pubs we can complete the task efficiently and in a cost-efficient manner, and these efficiencies are reflected in our “value for money” and affordable rates.

If you are a Publican, restaurant owner or Landlord, A4 Asbestos can complete asbestos testing in your premises, without any disruption to business. We can complete all of the paperwork so you are fully covered against any actions. To find out more about our services please telephone head office on 0117 259 1425


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